IN METTA (A Collaboration Of Peace & Light) IMEE OOI & DEWA BUDJANA

For the first time ever, Dewa Budjana adds his musical wizardry to Imee’s always authentic Buddhist compositions, well known by millions of fans to be relaxing, calming, and an aid to meditation and mindfulness. The album satisfies music lovers, Buddhist practitioners and listeners seeking peaceful retreat.    

The songs in this album are set to some of the best-loved Buddhist prayers, all in their complete and proper form. Because of this, they are also well suited for spiritual practice. 

The album has four songs. Two of the songs, “Chant of Metta - In Loving-Kindness” and “Om Mani Padme Hum - In Mindfulness,” are two of Imee’s most famous songs, this time redone with Budjana’s exquisitely delicate musical arrangements that resonate with the ear and the heart. "Puppha Puja - In Acceptance" is a new song, composed by Imee and arranged by Budjana. “Tisarana - In Refuge” is a completely new composition by Imee and Budjana.

“Metta” means loving-kindess in Pali, the ancient Indian language used in the time of the Buddha. Although Dewa Budjana is a devout practicing Hindu, he has made albums of other religions that have been very well received, including an album of the Islam faith and a Christmas album. 

Made the spirit of tolerance and peace, it is a groundbreaking effort for both artists. This work is the result of an interfaith effort, composed and arranged by a Buddhist and a Hindu, Mixed by a Christian, and mastered by a Muslim.

Even in its short preview releases, the response has been glowing:

The symbol of appreciation of diversity by artists should be expressed with noble works according to their optimal abilities. Dewa Budjana continues to do that. An unending spiritual journey, as the Buddha says: "It is better to travel well than to arrive. "

     - Triawan Munaf,  Chairman of the Indonesian Government Board for Creative Economy

Imee Ooi, to my mind the foremost composer and performer of Buddhist-inspired music in the world today, lives her profound art. She is a wellspring of innovative melodic settings for ageless Buddhist mantras, sutras and chants. Her catalog of music CDs has sold millions worldwide, more importantly her tunes are heard in monasteries from Sydney to San Francisco. Transcending the ethereal background sounds played in yoga studios and spas, Imee’s presentation of the Buddha’s wisdom in musical form has inspired the Bodhi-Resolve in opening hearts around the world. May this collaboration with the artistic genius of Dewa Budjana become a source of calm, healing goodness for you. Put your phone on Airplane Mode, sit quietly, listen and be inspired.

    -  Rev. Heng Sure, Managing Director, Berkeley Buddhist Monastery

All songs in this album are composed, arranged, and performed by Imee Ooi and Dewa Budjana. Production credits include Harmoko Aguswan (Mixing), Oky “SMR” Yudawijaya (Editing), Indra Q (Mastering), Octavia Verdana (Recording), and Alied Hadiwidjaya (Assistant Recording). Executive Producer is Prajna Murdaya. This is the first album release under the Shoemaker Music Label. 

The album is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other major online music providers. Physical CDs are available on www.cdbaby.com.


Recorded at Shoemaker Studio Jakarta

Executive Producer: Prajna Murdaya

Engineered & Mixed by: Harmoko

Assistent Engineer: Via

Vocal Editor: Oki

 Mastered by: Indra Q


DEWA BUDJANA "Zentuary" (2CD)
Favored Nations release (licensed worldwide by MoonJune Music & Gitarku Museum by Dewa Budjana)

New studio album (double cd)


Recorded at Dreamland Studio, West Hurley, Woodstock, NY, January 19 & 20, 2015, Engineered by Matthew Cullen.
Mixed and mastered by Robert Feist at Ravenswork Studio, Ojai, CA



with ; Antonio Sanchez (Drums), Ben Williams (Acoustic Bass), Joe Locke (Vibraphone)

Guest Appearance: Indra lesmana (Piano, Melodica)

Recorded january 2014, at Kaleidoscope Sound, Union City, NY

Engineered: Randy Crafton

Mixed/ Mastered by Robert Feist 

Dewa Budjana Christmas Collection (2013)

Dewa Budjana Christmas Collection

feat; Glen Fredly, Margie Segers

Surya Namaskar (2014)

Surya Namaskar

w/ Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Jimmy Johnson (Bass)

Guest Appearance: Mike Landau (Guitar), Gary Husband (Synth)

Recorded at Henson Studio Los Angelos

Recording Engineered/ Mixed/ Mastered: Robert Feist

Joged Kahyangan (2013)

Joged Kahyangan

w/ Peter Erskine (Drums), Jimmy Johnson (Bass), Larry Goldings (Piano, Organ), Bob Mintzer (Sax) and Janis Siegel (Vocal)

Recorded June 7th 2012, at Firehouse Recording Studio Pasadena, California

Recording Engineered/ Mixed/ Mastered: Rich Breen

Dawai In Paradise (2011)

Dawai In Paradise

Home (2005)

Home is where the heart is, some say. For others, it is where the hurt is. But be it the source of joy or pain, each of us must long for a familiar place, a place to go back to …a sanctuary.

Many have lost that very place, like our brothers and sisters, the victims of tsunami. Others’ homes continue to be hit by savage attacks, including the recent tragedy in my hometown Bali.

This record aims at uttering my deepest sorrow and compassion. I hope time can heal our wounds, and we can finally find our way home. Home in the harmony with nature, and home in the world without hatred and sheer bigotry.

Executive producer : SONY BMG music ent. Indonesia
Producer : db
All Songs composed/arranged and edited by : db
Manager : Dhani Pette for Post entertainment
US Musicians Coordinator : Peter & Mutzy Erskine
Peter Erskine appears Courtesy of Fuzzy Music
Engineered by - db
- Kraig Zarkoz (Puck Std , Santa Monica)
Live recorded on May 19th 2005 , for track (Temple Island/Bunga Yg Hilang/Dreamland/Lost Paradise)
- Rich Breen (Puck Std , Santa Monica)
Overdub on August 18th 2005 , for track (Dancing Tears/Malaka Bay/On The way Home)
- Deny (Pregine Std , Bali)
Overdub Gangsa
Mixed by : Stephan Santoso at Slingshot Studio
Mastered by : Khoe Hok Laij at Slingshot Studio
Cover Concept , Art and Design : Dedidude

SAMSARA (2003)

Samsara is the Cycle of existence (birth, life and rebirth) conditioned by karma, it is the wheel of suffering that characterized the phenomenon we call life......

Pertengahan Februari ini Dewa Budjana kembali merilis solo albumnya berjudul SAMSARA. Yang istimewa dari album ini adalah proses tak berkesudahan dari musikalitas Budjana sendiri dan juga para musisi kondang tanah air dan mancanegara yang terlibat di dalamnya. Ia mulai mengerjakan album ini di bulan November 2001.

Executive Producer:
SONY Music Entertainment Indonesia

All Songs Composed, Arranged & Produced by:
Dewa Budjana

SONY Music Entertainment Indonesia

Dewa Budjana for all track on mobile recording exept Peter Erskine & Dave Carpenter taken by Dan Pinder at Puck (erskine) Studio

Edited by: Dewa Budjana

Final Edited & Mix by:
Stephen Santoso at Slingshot Studio Jakarta

Mastered by: Khoe Hok Laij at Musika Mastering

Production Coordinator :
Dhani Pette for GIGI Management

Assistant : Diedieth "Bloegh"

Art Work : Rama Vinergi

Photographer : Firdaus Fadlil

GITARKU (2000)

& kupersembahkan gitarku

You can bring this album to one of your meditation classes, yoga sessions or such, you will find it it’s the right thing to do. Why? It’s relaxing, peace and ease your mind and also your body. This is Dewa Budjana with his guitar releasing second solo album called ‘Gitarku.’

“I’ve always wanted to make a new age kind of album. Doing that you can also have a mean to contemplate and reflecting. That’s why all the compositions that I wrote in this album were intentionally made so simple. I’ve lessen using complicated improvisation and mainly distortion,” express Budjana. Budjana plays ‘Gitarku’ as a reflection of his life journey. Reflecting the peace of his music carrier for years and the good relationships among Indonesian and global musicians.

“I’ve done, learned all kinds of music genre. From Indra Lesmana’s jazz to my recent group GIGI. The loud, distortion sound I pour on GIGI and now I want to reveal my other side. And this is my other side.”

‘Gitarku’ spent one year in a making (1999-2000). Nine songs are all written with a clear concept and theme. “Kunang-Kunang” burst an enchanting harmonization composition from a guitar, Indonesian flute, percussion and a bit of synth touches. A personification of all God creatures that are rarely to find in metropolitan city.


Produce By:
SONY Music Entertainment Indonesia

Executive Producer:
SONY Music Entertainment Indonesia

All Songs Composed, Arranged & Produced by: Dewa Budjana

String Arr. on Takana Juo by:
Dewa Budjana

String Arr. on Caka 1922 by:
Aminoto Kosim

Recorded & Mixed at: DB Home Studio

Recording Engineer: Dewa Budjana
(except drum track taken by Nandar)

Mixing Engineer:
Rudra "The King of Dial"

Mastered by: Hok Lay

Mastered at: Musica Mastering

Production Coordinator:
GIGI Management

(www.gigionline.com / gigi@cbn.net.id)

Cover Design & Photography:
Jay Subiyakto & Dimas Djayadiningrat

Layout: V-nergi


Nusa Damai, was a collection of compositions he wrote ever since he knew how to play the instrument. With the title taken from the book by Balinese noted author Ktut Tantri Revolt in Paradise, there was a song called Ruang Dialisis (Dialisis Room), which contained Budjana’s grandmother’s singing.

Dewa Budjana plays Klein Electric Guitar, Steinberger Guitar, Taylor, Godin Acoustic & Mesa Boogie Amplification

Compositions by: Dewa Budjana
(except medley: wanita/trenggono by Indra Lesmana & Dewa Budjana)

Produced by C&I

Executive Producer: Chico Hindarto

Engineer: Indra Lesmana

Assistant Engineer: Isnandar

Recorded January 6-14 1997 at "Studionya Indra"

Original Mastering: Chris Bellman - Bernie Grundman Mastering

Photography by Tagor Siagian



Full Discography

Group :

Spirit (SPIRIT Band) 1988
Mentari (SPIRIT Band) 2001
Bulan Di Atas Asia (JAVA JAZZ) 2003
Angan (GIGI) 1994
Dunia (GIGI) 1995
3/4 (GIGI) 1996
2X2 (GIGI) 1997
Kilas Balik (GIGI) 1998
Baik (GIGI) 1999
The Greatest Hits live in concert (GIGI) 2000
Untuk Semua Umur (GIGI) 2001
The Best Of GIGI (GIGI) 2002
Salam Ke Delapan (GIGI) 2003
OST Brownies (GIGI) 2004
Raihlah Kemenangan (GIGI) 2004
Raihlah Kemenangan Repackage (GIGI) 2005
Next Chapter (GIGI) 2006
Pintu Sorga (GIGI) 2006
Peace, Love 'N Respect (GIGI) 2007
Jalan Kebenaran (GIGI) 2008
Gigi (GIGI) 2009 Sweet 17 (2011)

Cintailah Mereka (GIGI) 2012

Gigi Live at Abbey (2013)


Nusa Damai - 1997
Gitarku - 2000
Samsara - 2003
Home - 2005

Dawai In Paradise - 2011

Joged Kahyangan - 2013

Christmas Collection - 2013

Surya Namaskar - 2014


Producer :

Nyanyian Dharma - 1998
Globalism (Balawan) - 1999
Nyanyian Dharma 2 - 2006

Nyanyian Dharma - Edisi Special - 2009

Film Scoring :

OST Brownies (2004)
WANITA w/ Indra Lesmana (1999)

Jingle :



MENTARI (2000)
Bunga Hambalang (1998)

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